During lockdown we recruited 13 actors to our new national ensemble and commissioned four playwrights to write four short plays. Each new play features a leading role for an actor with a learning disability or who is neuro-diverse. The work has been developed entirely online. We will rehearse the new work over two days using the Silent Approach and present the first scratch performance in the Minerva Studio, Chichester Festival Theatre.

Our year-long Writing Tomorrow’s Theatre brings together our newly cast national integrated ensemble of thirteen actors including five leading actors with learning disabilities and neuro-diversities.

We’ve commissioned four playwrights who, working with the company and the Silent Approach, have each shaped non-verbal leading roles for our actors with learning disabilities in a twenty-minute piece of new narrative drama.

The four short plays are JANE THE FOOL by Liz Kuti, SPLIT by Lydia Marchant, THE WISHING STONE by Sarah Middleton and SCOLD by Lou Ramsden.

Open rehearsals and events are at Chichester Festival Theatre between 26th and 28th November 2021 and at Derby Theatre between 10th and 12th January 2022.

Rehearsals and events will be thrilling.

The first time the full company will meet in the real world, after a long period of Zoom development, will be in the rehearsal room. Come along and be a part of a unique and exciting theatrical experience, the beginning of a journey into new worlds and new beginnings.


Tickets for the event are free and can be secured from the theatre box office below…